Photo's of the shopping experience you'll find at Moxies Boutique in St. Joseph Michigan
Moxies Boutique offers Quality Women's Apparel and Accessories for your downtown St. Joseph Shopping Experience
Moxies Boutique, Women's Shopping in Downtown St. Joseph  A UNIQUE STORE WITH UNIQUE IDEAS ON FASHION, ART AND COMMUNITY


A store with a vision has arrived in downtown St. Joseph. A historical cornerstone building has been transformed to its original beauty inside with an outside entrance that invites you to enter. Women can venture into surroundings that reflect the artist in us all, amplified by the eclectic choice of merchandise. The fashion forward apparel is the artistic centerpiece of beautiful things to wear. Moxie's sense of community and the importance of the arts are also amplified by the intermingling of many unusual art pieces from local artists.

The front display window which would normally feature merchandise in the store has become a "Gallery" for a display of extraordinary art. Moxie's has transformed their front window into an art gallery for six Vintage Dress Forms. The three-dimensional mixed-media art forms have just completed their performance at Krasl's Art Center. Moxie's Boutique owner, Monica Bolin was impressed with their beauty and invited the artist Heidi Clark to display her fantastic creations of art. Ms Bolin believed more people should have the opportunity to see the unique and exquisite Vintage Dress Forms.

Heidi Clark is a creator and recreator. "Found object art" is an art form to which she feels intuitively drawn. She embellishes existing objects with her own designs to invigorate their form, color, pattern and texture. She thrives on the interplay of these elements to create a new visual paradigm. This is the evolution of her vintage dress forms. While these body stand-ins were ordinary useful tools, in her work they become decorative architectural elements, and conversation pieces for interior design concepts.

The dress forms Heidi has reclaimed from oblivion date from the Victorian era to the 1960's. By giving some dress forms heads and faces they become quietly alive, replete with an inferred personality. Ms Clark uses a variety of materials in their rebirth, vintage whenever possible. As a result, these bodies have completed their transformation into textured, glistening, attention-seeking sculptures.

These beautiful three-dimensional works of art will be on display at Moxie's Boutique, 321 State Street, St. Joseph, Michigan until after Labor Day. For more information call 269-983-4273.

321 State Street, St. Joseph, MI (in Michigan's Great Southwest)
Berrien County, Michigan (Southwest Corner)
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