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Moxies Boutique, Women's Shopping in Downtown St. Joseph  MailMax, Moody on the Market column, Saturday, January 13, 2007

            You might say it was a true "red-letter day," the day Heidi Sommerfeld pulled out her cell phone and called her sister Monica Bolin to say that she was standing in front of the absolute perfect Christmas tree for their store in downtown St. Joseph. "Like everything else Heidi has suggested, it just fit!" says Monica. Of course, making it fit into the front window display area at Moxie's Boutique was another matter that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. In fact, that post-midnight foray startled a handful of young men so badly that they ran screaming down State Street for nearly a block before they screwed up their courage to return laughing over the "mannequins" coming to life in the corner store window. That perfect tree was a stunning red Christmas tree, and it became the striking focal point of Moxie's Boutique's Christmas window. The hard work and dedication of the two sisters had paid off again, and also caught the eye of judges looking for the winner of St. Joseph Today's Holiday Window Decorating Contact. The colorful and eclectic store has profoundly made its mark at the busiest intersection of St. Joe's central business district, and the prize for their victory in the contest is this piece about them here in the Moody on the Market column in MailMax. Moxie's Boutique has been open barely half a year now, but they are capturing the imagination and earning their reputation every day. Leading the charge are the Upfront Girls – Sasha, Phoebe and Bonnie. The startlingly lifelike mannequins have been stopping people in their tracks ever since their debut. They look so real that Monica and Heidi actually gave them names. Moxie's Boutique wants first and foremost to be the store created precisely for you. They want to be open when you want them to be open, they want to showcase the clothing, accessories, styles, colors, sizes and such that catch your eye, take your breath away, and melt your heart. Toward that end, they are offering you the chance to define and design the store by taking time out of your day to answer a survey. There is a reward at the end of the rainbow in the form of a $20-dollar gift certificate for completing the survey. Rather than assuming they know what you want, (although they've done a remarkably fine job at that task thus far if the ringing on the cash register is even a small indicator of success) the sisters are almost affording you the opportunity to be the "buyer" for stocking the store. To take the survey, go online to You'll be pleasantly surprised by the website. It is put together as professionally and colorfully as the store itself. Monica says the goal has always been to assure the uniqueness of their merchandise by assuring you that you will not find the same product anywhere within a 25-mile radius of downtown St. Joe. A couple of great services that have been extremely well received are the Moxie's Boutique Birthday Club and Wish Lists. The Wish List is a huge service to family members who don't know what to buy on gift occasions. A quick check of the list and you know you're getting exactly what she wants. You'll find Moxie's Boutique in the Fischer-Landis Building at the corner of State and Broad Streets at the heart of St. Joe. Current store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10am until 7pm and closed on Sundays. However, they will open at your convenience after hours by appointment at 325-4270. Congratulations on a meteoric rise already, ladies! We're all very proud of you!

<strong>MailMax, Moody on the Market column</strong>, Saturday, January 13, 2007
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