Inner Vision Art

Hazel B. Larson

Inner Vision Art For Sale at Moxie's Boutique in St. Joseph MI

"My purpose is to create beautiful art work which touches the heart and soul. I also endeavor to validate the miracle of feminine energy."

Hazel was born in England where she graduated from Art College. About 23 years ago, she moved to America. Now living in St. Joseph, she feels very much "at home."

The note cards and larger prints carried at Moxie's come from her original paintings and drawings. She was given permission by the owners to photograph the original works for use in making prints at a future time. Like many artists, Hazel's work continues to evolve. A few years ago she acquired a computer with a photo shop program and with the new technology has been able to experiment with the photos of her original works to make the prints and cards.

Hazel accepts commissions for original art work and digital prints from the originals in custom sizes. Prints can be made into larger poster size pictures if desired.

321 State Street, St. Joseph, MI (in Michigan's Great Southwest)
Berrien County, Michigan (Southwest Corner)
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