Artisan Silk Creations

My husband Christian and me with our newborn son, Jackson Wade Wenger!!Chicago native, Christine Wenger, is extremely passionate about art and design. She has worked within a design capacity for 12 years. She runs the gamut having graphic design, interior design, fine art, and culinary art training!! In 2003, she chose to be a stay at home mommy/artist and she has created two unique, contemporary lines: Artisan Silk Creations and Artisan Knit Creations. In addition, she creates mixed media pieces that are created on hand built wood canvases and utilize mediums of acrylic paint, hand-dyed silk, and handmade paper, glass, stone and wood beading. She is inspired by color movement and the beauty of simple, elegant forms and materials.

My husband Christian and me with our newborn son, Jackson Wade Wenger!!
An Example of Artisan Creations Women's Accessories at Moxies

Artisan Silk Creations grew out of quality arts and craft time that Christine Wenger shared with her mother-in-law during their visits. Christine is a painter by nature in addition to having a decade of experience in graphic and interior design. Given her sincere art and design appreciation, she decided to take her newfound knowledge of silk painting and further it by investigating the art of Japanese Shibori. Each piece is created individually by hand using a variety of techniques imbued with her own painting style. This results in each piece being original and one of a kind. Artisan Silk Creations are intended to excite the senses with beauty, color, fluid movement, and luxurious fabric combinations.

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